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ルパン三世STREETへウエルカム。私の名前はデイヴィッドである。私のウェブサイトはルパン三世に専用されている 。このウェブサイトは英語に現在ある。私はこのウェブサイトが日本語にやがてまたあることを望む。

Recent Announcements

  • A big welcome to FilmmakerJ
    Long time contributor Jonathan Leiter will be joining the team here at Lupin the Third Street as an editor. In the past Jonathan has brought us quite a bit of Lupin related news and information. You can expect to see official posts by him in the coming weeks. You can also see the breadth of his own work by visiting his portal (click here); which includes links to his DeviantArt page, YouTube page, and Voice Acting blog.
    Posted Sep 17, 2011, 12:17 PM by David Cummings
  • Puttering along
    There have been several new podcasts released from the boys at the Lupin Has Three Jackets podcast; click here to listen to them. The Lupin 3rd Network has reported that earlier this month there was an airing in Japan of the Lupin III movie The Mystery of Mamo. Either this month or next month, we should see the release Lupin the Third: the Board Game; the game is being released by Ghenos Games of Italy and you can see their official page by clicking here. The art for the board game has been done by G. De Michele and D. Lazzari; you can check out the DeviantArt page for one of the artists by clicking here.
    Posted Sep 6, 2011, 1:28 PM by David Cummings
  • Keep it coming
        The Summer 2011 issue of the Official Lupin the Third Magazine has been released. The Lupin the 3rd Network is reporting that in the Spring of 2012 we will see the Blu-ray and DVD releases of a Lupin III compilation tentatively titled Lupin III Master File (ルパン三世 Master File); the compilation will cover the breadth of the 40 year history of the Lupin franchise however the exact contents remain to be clear. Lastly, I've added a page for the A5 printing of the Lupin III M Manga series.
    Posted Aug 19, 2011, 7:58 AM by David Cummings
  • Late to the party
    Whew! Its been a few weeks and there has been quite a few notable news bites. Episodes 41 and 42 of Lupin Has Three Jackets have been released.         
    The Lupin the 3rd Network reported on a showing in Tokyo on July 15 of the Castle of Cagliostro at the Roppongi Anime Night (ロッポンギ・アニメ・ナイト); a number of Lupin films have been viewed at the Roppongi Anime Night.
        The best news came on July 12th when Anime News Network noted in an article that Discotek had licensed the first Lupin the Third TV series for release in the US on DVD next Spring; you can read the original article here. Almost as enjoyable was the follow up quote from the same article:

    "Monkey Punch's original manga began serialization in 1967 and features Lupin the Third, the great nephew of gentleman thief Arsène Lupin. He is routinely pursued by Investigator Zenigata while attempting to steal priceless items and woo women."

        On August 10th a Lupin exhibit entitled This is the world of Lupin the 3rd will open in Tokyo; it will run for 13 days. The exhibition will cover the original comics, the TV series, and also the movies. There will also be 100 pieces on display by Monkey Punch including animation reference pictures and setting/background items, cell art, and advertisement art work; you can learn more by reading the announcement on the Lupin the 3rd Network site by clicking here.
        August will also see the release of a new Fujiko figurine. This figurine is based on a scene from the first episode of the first Lupin the Third TV series in which Fujiko has her shirt torn by the antagonist, Mr. X. You can learn more at the Lupin the 3rd Network site by clicking here.
    Posted Jul 28, 2011, 7:36 PM by David Cummings
  • New toys
    Celebrating it's tenth anniversary, Roots brand coffee is offering a selection of new Lupin III toys. This includes a selection themed from the first and second TV series as well as a general third assortment; further there are two unique Lupin III figurines.
        Toshio Furukawa, voice of Lupin III in the OVA, the Fuma Conspiracy, is a guest at this years Anime Expo (AX); going on through today. You can read more about him and his panel discussion from AX in an article on Crunchyroll by clicking here.
    Posted Jul 4, 2011, 4:55 AM by David Cummings
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